Socialism in Number Land

Hannah- Did you know I came up with a world to make math more interesting?

Me- No, no I did not.

Hannah- Well, 0 is both the grandma and the grandpa. It plays both parts. It’s the grandparents for the poor family which is the only family in town.

1 is the mom. 2 is the dad. 3 is their child. The rest are the rich people in town, except 6 and 7 live together. 7 is really mean, and the dad, 2, works for her to earn money. Every Friday, they give the money that they have been collecting all week to everyone (it seems like 1 and 2, 6 and 7 are the taxable parties here) because Saturday is the day that they buy stuff.

And you might think that 9 is really mean, but he’s not. He’s just a grandpa that lives by himself.

You’ll never look at numbers the same again. And to think 7 used to be my favorite number!

What do numbers do in your imaginary world?

How do you make math more interesting?

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