Why I don’t take free foil from the bus

For those of you who follow me on Twitter (@BryanMarkLogan), you know there has been a box (tube? carton? roll? What’s the unit of foil?) of aluminum foil on my bus. I tweeted about it the first day.  No takers.


When I got on the second day, it was still there.  Like a lost puppy. But I’m still not going to take it. Jan Moyer suggested I blog about why. And since I don’t have any other blog posts ready, why not?

Well, it’s on my morning bus, but not on my afternoon bus.  So I’d have to take it to work.  Would I want to bring it into the office and make a tinfoil hat and mutter “Outta my head NSA”? Of course. Would I want to wrap it around my hand and pretend I’m the Terminator and just repeat in a Schwarzenegger accent, “I’ll be back” and something about Sarah Connor? Who wouldn’t? Would I like to fashion it into a silver medal for my team’s second place finish in the Blogging All-Star challenge? Without a doubt.

But honestly, it’s free bus foil. We’re not that frugal.  And I don’t know how many people’s feet have kicked that thing.  I know for sure I did.  I guess it was probably to make sure it was dead.

What great free stuff have you passed up?

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