Blossom heaven

It’s already been said that my girls like to climb trees. A particularly wonderful time for climbing our apple trees is when they are in full bloom. It was a very pretty year for apple blossoms this year, and Emma came in, very Anne Shirley-ish, and breathed out “Oh Mama, it was like blossom heaven out there.”

Things I love about this:

  • She’s thinking about heaven, and she thinks heaven is great. Heaven for her is no white cloud, harp playing, boring land. It’s beautiful, colorful, vibrant, and living.
  • She appreciates beauty. Do we really stop to appreciate beauty as we should? Too many times, I just rush through God’s magnificent creation without stopping to appreciate the wonder of it all.
  • She shared it with me. I hope she always will.
  • She didn’t let the dark cloud out the light. We have pretty serious pollen allergies at our house. Out of all of us, Emma has them the worst. But she still had to experience the wonder of sitting amongst all those beautiful white blossoms. Don’t let your troubles stop you from experiencing wonder.
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