Cooking w/Bryan: Breakfast Nachos

It occurred to me a while ago that if you took breakfast pizza, and substituted the pizza crust for tortilla chips, you could have breakfast nachos.  Amie thought they were weird.  Then we discovered that Pioneer Woman had a similar recipe for breakfast nachos.  So I thought to myself, “If I’m coming up with similar recipies to Pioneer Woman, I might be on to something.”

And today, I made some.  Here’s the “recipe”.

imageStep 1: Gather up the ingredients.  For this, I used bacon bits, eggs, some sausage links, cheese, and some frozen hashbrown patties.  We were low on eggs, so I made a single-serving. You probably don’t need that many hashbrowns for one person. I was going to add some onion, but it wasn’t good anymore.  Feel free to use sausage crumbles or different hashbrowns.  I’m working with what I can get. I also use mozzarella cheese because I have this weird thing where the only acceptable cheese on breakfast food is mozzarella on breakfast pizza.  All other breakfast cheese is an abomination.


Step 2: Microwave the hashbrown patties and sausage links, then chop them up.  You can probably skip this step depending on the form your hashbrowns and sausage are in.


Step 3: Throw the hashbrowns, bacon, and sausage into a pan.  Set it to 75%.  Cook for a few minutes.


Step 4: Lay out tinfoil and create a loving nest of nacho chips.

imageStep 5: Push the ingredients to one side, crack an egg and put it in. You could pre-scramble it if you wanted to. Season the egg with salt and pepper. Wait a bit until the egg has had a chance to somewhat cook.


Step 6: Mix everything together.  You don’t want to do this too early because then everything gets coated with egg, and if you do this too late, you’ll have just one solid egg that you’ll need to dice up.  But if you have to error, error on the side of too long.


Step 7: Put this mixture onto your bed of chips.


Step 8: Cover with a sprinkling of cheese and put into the oven with the broiler on.


Marvel at it’s deliciousness.

imageHannah loves it!

imageEmma has a green shirt on.

Amie gave it the endorsement of “It’s not terrible.”  She later clarified “It was kind of salty and without salsa with mozzarella it was just kind of weird. It tasted like an imposter.”  It was either an imposter of breakfast pizza or nachos.

I thought it was good.  So we’re tied 2 to 2. Micah reached for the plate.  And Emma did come back later and wanted more.  So I think that means we have a winner.

How are you going to make your breakfast nachos?

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