Terrible travel games

A few days ago, Hannah says, “You know what would make a terrible travel game?”

Emma has hung out with her father and I too long, so she refused to accept that as a conversation starter and replied, “Hide and seek or Tag.”

Hannah replied, “I was thinking Jenga.”

Bryan and I were thinking “blog post!” 🙂

So here is the list terrible travel games Bryan and I came up with:

  • Operation
  • Marco Polo
  • Pin the tail on the donkey
  • Yahtzee (The loud shaking would kill me. Go ahead and play the electronic version with the sound off as much as you want, though.)
  • Perfection (the one where you have to put a bunch of little pieces in and they explode out when they are done)
  • Mouse Trap
  • Pretty Pretty Princess (mostly just because this is a terrible game)
  • Memory games with 640 cards (these are also just terrible games)
  • Pick up Sticks
  • Lawn darts along with its less dangerous cousin bocce
  • Canadian rules football
  • Bowling, especially using the car as the bowling ball
  • Russian roulette

What do we really play on road trips?

  • road trip bingo
  • I Spy (wif my witto eye, if you’re an adorable toddler)
  • various activity books (and yes, I give my kids “car work” instead of homework sometimes to keep them busy)
  • audiobooks
  • 20 questions
  • If you don’t argue with your sister, you can have some goldfish crackers
  • And “Here, take my phone and just play ‘Cut The Rope’ or ‘Angry Birds’ or whatever. Just turn off the sound.”
  • Guess what’s different on the DVD? (turns out it’s the same every time)

What terrible travel games (or good ones) can you think of ?

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