Marital Communication Woes

Even the best marriages have their moments of miscommunication. Bryan and I had one of those moments recently. It went a little something like this:

Bryan and I had just given Micah his bath. I took Micah to his room to get him changed for bed. The baby powder was out in the hallway, so I asked Hannah to hand it to me. It must have been in an awkward position because when I opened it, it sprayed powder in my face. I let out a little yelp


“Are you OK?”

“Yeah, I just poofed myself.”

“Do you need me to help clean Micah up?”

“No, I


“Poofffffffed. As in with the powder.”

“Oh . . . good.”

Commence hysterical laughter.

Yes, apparently, my husband thought I pooped myself.

Tell me your best marital miscommunication story.

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