Those uniquely named parts of the house

The places in your house have a name.  There’s the master bedroom, the bedroom of the kids (named by the occupant(s)), the living room, family room, dining room, etc.  But sometimes the rooms or places in your house just get named differently.

Growing up, we had a room in our house we called “The Dark Room”.  Or maybe it was “The Darkroom”. I can’t be sure on the spelling because it was never written, only verbal lore. It had nothing to do with photography. It was basically long narrow storage closet. The giant collection of 12-packs we’d get when the city 2-hours away had a good pop sale would be stored in that room. I can’t remember what else was in there.  But that’s what we called it.  I have no idea why.

In college, after Amie and I were married and living in student housing, we had an apartment that we called the “litchen”, since it was a combination living room and kitchen.  The dining room table was in the “no man’s land”, but we usually ate on the couch off of TV trays.

After college, we didn’t have any uniquely named rooms where we lived until we moved into our current house.  We have two places with special names.

The first is the corner of the room that is a combination workshop and storage.  When we moved in, there were some cheap bookshelves in this corner left by the previous owner.  We stored extra pantry items down here since you don’t need 8 cans of black olives up in the kitchen after a Sam’s Club or Costco run.  We have pasta, some cleaning supplies, extra school supplies, some health items like vitamins and toothpaste. What do we call it? The Russian Grocery Store.  Amie and I both grew up in the 80’s.  We remember seeing the news stories about how supplies in Russia were scarce in the stores because of the economic planning of the Soviet government.  Since we had a understocked store ourselves down there, that’s what we call it.  We’ve had to explain this name to the girls at some point, but hey, that counts for history homeschooling, right?

So what’s the other place?  Well, when we looked at the house, it had this nice little built-in desk in the kitchen.  For some reason, I think people see these and think, “Oh, that’s a nice little place to pay bills.” You know where a nice place to pay bills is?  On the computer.  Welcome to the new millenium.  Online bill payment.  I’ll give our house a pass since it was built in the 1990’s.  This desk has a phone jack nearby so you can use dial-up if you want.  But a CRT monitor wouldn’t fit on there.  And I wouldn’t put a computer there anyways because it’s too close to the stove and would probably get grease splatters or ruined somehow.  So this is just a desk, that doesn’t actually get used for stuff.  We have a bunch of papers piled here.  Underneath it is a good place to store the bulk wheat Amie uses for grinding her flour.  So you really can’t sit in the chair at this desk anyways.  We can’t just call it “The Desk” because there’s the desk in Daddy’s office and the school desk (which is a long countertop that actually contains both the girls’ desk and Amie’s desk). So instead of calling this “The Desk in the Kitchen”, Amie has come up with a better name. The Desk of Mess.

What named places do you have in your house?

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