What were they thinking? – Glitter jeans

Several years ago, I had little tiny girls. And now they’re getting so big, and not so big like “How big is baby?” “SOOOO big!” Nope, they’re just getting big. Emma is within a foot of my height. I can shop for Hannah in the big girls section. It’s sad and happy at the same time, but I digress.

When I used to have little tiny girls, a fashion trend swept through. It swept through in a glittery wind and left it’s mark on all the girls’ fashions of that time. Somewhere around 2005-2007 all of the little girls’ clothes were covered in glitter. And true to the nature of glitter, the stuff got EVERYWHERE. Not only were the girls’ clothing covered in glitter, slowly, Bryan’s and my clothes picked up the glitter. It wasn’t unusual for people to remark on my sparkling presence at church or other places.

I was afraid people would think I was using glitter lotion (another fad of that time) which was strictly prohibited for those older than 18 unless they worked in certain dancing professions.

I guess I should have been thankful the whole Twilight thing wasn’t going on then. Otherwise, being pale and sparkly might have gotten me labelled as a vampire.

In any case, what were they thinking? Why would anyone need to be that sparkly? Did anyone ever suspend their female toddler from the ceiling as a makeshift disco ball? And beyond that, what was I thinking? Could I just not find any other jeans? Did I get swept away by every glittery wind that blew my way?

I just want to ask that we don’t do that again. Both the making and the purchasing of clothing covered in glitter was a bad idea. Let’s both become wiser in our old(er) age.

What children’s clothing purchase do you regret?

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