Grace for one another

Today is Halloween, the day when all the Christians . . . disagree as to what the proper thing to do on Halloween is.

A really good friend of mine and her family just decided to not celebrate Halloween. To answer your question, we are of the “let your light shine before men” camp. We have a shiny house decorated with God’s beautiful creation where we hand out a Gospel message and generous candy. And we do a little Reformation Day lesson because we’re Lutheran . . . and nerdy. So who’s right? Or are neither of us right?

I don’t think scripture is clear on this. Scripture is clear that we shouldn’t practice witchcraft or call up evil spirits. We should avoid the appearance of evil. We should keep our speech wholesome and our dress modest. We are to be God’s light wherever we are and in all our actions.

So what if both ways shine a light?

What if my friend shines a light to those who have celebrated the darkness of Halloween in the past? For those people, Halloween is evil. To have Christians participating in what they see as an evil and dark celebration would be a bad witness. What if Bryan and I are a light to those who have never seen anything wrong with dressing up like princesses or ninjas and handing out candy? They might feel unjustly judged by someone who says Halloween is purely evil since they have not done anything sinful on Halloween.

You might agree with me in this. You might not. But the really key thing is that you have prayerfully examined Halloween in the light of the scriptures and that, having made your decision, your conscience is clear before God.

Do you believe celebrating Halloween is wrong and sinful? Then have an awesome, normal day, friends!

Do you believe like we do? Then let your little light shine without guilt, friends!

But let’s consider that each of us may have a different witness to those who haven’t met the Savior.

What does your family do for Halloween?

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Hi! I'm Amie. Bryan's wife. Joyful mother to three. Homeschool teacher. Seamstress. Kitchen experimenter. Trying to figure out this thing of being a disciple of Christ.
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  • Ricky Anderson

    I wasn’t allowed to as a kid, but we’re taking Evan tonight. It’ll be the first time for both of us.

  • Amie

    And was it everything you thought it would be?

  • Ricky Anderson

    Yup! We all had a blast. I asked Evan if he had fun trick or treating, and he said, “Wanna go twick o feeding?”

    Which is a perfectly acceptable synonym, if you ask me.

  • Jan Moyer

    We’re in the celebration camp. It’s a night when kids put on costumes, get candy, and we get to connect with our neigbours. Nothing really spooky or gory. That’s how I was raised, too. And I love Halloween. Our Littlest now thinks that any time we go to a neighbour’s house he is getting treats. He’ll learn.

  • Amie

    If he came to my house, I would give him treats even if it wasn’t Halloween. My people are big on food as love 🙂 Glad you had a fun night making memories with your little people!