Amie and I haven’t had TV service in a while.  We don’t watch a ton of TV, but every now and then we’re just tired and spending time together watching a show is what’s on the docket. We’ve discovered a while ago that MacGyver is available for free to Amazon Prime members. We both loved the show growing up.  I can really only remember one of the episodes growing up, so many of the plots are actually new to me.

Here are my observations about the show:

  1. MacGyver would be a lot different today.  I think he’d carry around an Android phone and an Arduino.  An Arduino is a small programmable device you can use to make things.  Having something flip when the temperature reaches a certain spot and remains there for 3 minutes? That’d be a great thing for an Arduino.
  2. Speaking of technology, I could understand why the Phoenix foundation wouldn’t have sent “Mac” out with a cell phone.  Way too big. But not even a pager? I think there’s many times that would’ve been helpful.
  3. With how advanced everything has become today, MacGyver probably would had a ton of issues. “This consumer-level garage door has 1024-bit rolling encryption keys. I’ll need to capture some information and send it back to the servers to get the next key so I can open the door in a few hours hopefully.”
  4. I haven’t seen all the episodes yet, but you know what they commonly use as an alias for MacGyver and Peter Thornton? The answer is “MacGyver” and “Peter Thornton”.
  5. MacGyver does use a gun in the pilot episode, but after that he has a strong aversion to them. A guy could be threatening MacGyver with a gun, and if Mac happens to knock him out, he’ll sometimes leave the gun where it is. Not even take out the bullets.
  6. Some episodes end so abruptly they have GIANT plot holes left open. “Well, we averted the nuclear meltdown, but we’ll not address the fact that perhaps the entire security team is in the pockets of the Russians.
  7. If I’m a quasi-government official and traveling overseas, I’d probably be very curt with people. “Hey, another American, what’s you’re name?” “Dave. And I’m Canadian. Leave me alone.”
  8. MacGyver is frequently in places where blond hair doesn’t exist. Yet he can dress up in their uniform and just “blend in”.

What observations do you have about old shows?

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