Reinventing – Connect 4

Micah was taking a nap and Emma and Amie had gone out shopping.  Hannah asked if I wanted to play a game, so we grabbed Connect 4 off the shelf and played.

imageObviously it’s a little lopsided between Hannah and I.  I don’t play super competitive, but I also don’t like rolling over and just handing the game to them. She did win some games. And when she won, she knew it was because she was planning some things.

So I tried to figure out how to even out the game a bit.  Usually games do this by luck, so we reinventing Connect4 using a bit of luck.  We grabbed a pillowcase and threw all the pieces into that.  Then we took turns as normal, with each of us wanting a certain color to win.  On your turn, you’d reach into the pillowcase and grab one piece.  You’d pull it out and see if it was your piece or your opponent’s.  After that, just place the piece as normal.

When we first tried this, the first 7 moves we actually drew our own pieces.  Statistically rare, but I guess that happens.  But we did have many games where the drawing became the intense focal point of the game.  Here’s one game where we have 10 yellows and 4 red’s in play. Hannah really needed to draw some reds at this point, and I really needed to draw a yellow.  This game actually went on for a bit longer I believe, because those two spots did get blocked.

imageThe win distribution evened out a bit, and we had some fun.

Another way we modified Connect 4 was we brought it to Bible Bee, and people loved to play, but they would sit there and think about it way too long. There’s no money on the line, not even the chance to win a piece of candy.  So what we did was to setup two chairs about 15 feet away and put all the player’s piece on their own chair.  The players would then shuttle run and put the pieces in.  Since you’re constantly stopping and starting, most games would actually keep the turn-by-turn aspect.  If someone took a long time to think, they may get “lapped”. Overall, it let then run off energy, have fun, made watching more fun, and made the games go quicker so everyone could enjoy.

And for fun, here’s a picture of me with game pieces stuck to my forehead.


What game have you modified?

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