Winning at the Opposite Game

One night the girls had decided to play the Opposite Game.  If you don’t know what this game is, congrats! But basically they kids say everything opposite. Yes is no, no is yes.  If you ask them to do something, they’ll tell you they won’t do it.  Yup, barrels of fun.

Amie and I were talking about the day and she mentioned that she had to make two phone calls, and one of them was to the tree guy.  Hannah asked what we had said, so Emma stated, “One of the people is not the tree guy.” So I stated to Emma that indeed, one of the people wasn’t the tree guy, but the HVAC guy.  Emma stopped and thought.  She knew she couldn’t state that one of the people was the tree guy.  So she stated that both of the people were the tree guy.  I asked her what the opposite of that was, and she realized that the opposite wasn’t the truth, so what she said was against the rules of the Opposite Game.
I believe at this point I should’ve said “Check…..mate.”  But I forgot to.

Anyways, I think I won at the opposite game.  Have you ever won a non-ending game?

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