Micah 9 month update


Hey, we went to the doctor again, so I get to tell you how big Micah is. . . Not very big. Not good enough for you grandparents? 🙂 He’s 17 lbs 10 oz now which is smaller than 2 4-5 month old babies we know. Smaller than his buddy that was born 2 weeks after him. Pretty much smaller than everyone. However, his size is primarily due to his desire to not cause his mother to require chiropractic care. He’s a thoughtful guy.

He eats pureed stuff. He eats dry finger foods. He eats paper and other stuff that has fallen on the floor.

He crawls, mostly army style because it’s still quicker for him, but he’s crawling on all fours more and more. He pulls himself up.

He laughs at his sisters. He imitates us when we say “yay!” He claps his hands on occasion. He drums his hands on lots of stuff.

He’s not reading yet, but that’s probably because I never watched those “I Taught My Baby to Read” dvds.

He also isn’t much of a piano player. He continually looks at the keyboard while playing, and he’s not hitting the right keys even.

What else? I don’t know, he’s super cute. He has a pretty good routine going now with 2 naps a day for about an hour each. He’s not a big fan of Anne of Green Gables. He keeps interrupting while I read, but he seems to like the history book OK.

He’s a big fan of bathrooms and will crawl into any one that is left open.

The gates are up because Micah is always headed for danger. He’s like the Evel Knievel of babies. Pretty sure that at some point the Logans are going to break their no broken bones record (break . . . get it?).

He has two teeth and by that string of drool that landed on my face when I lifted him up over my head, I’d say he’s working on some more.

He still likes to shut off lights. He also likes to knock down towers.

But now, it’s late and I’m out of Micah fun facts.

What should I teach Micah next?

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