Lincoln Memorial Bridge

While we were driving on our trip, we encountered the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Bridge. This should not be confused with the Lincoln Memorial Bridge between Illinois and Indiana. It should also not be confused with the Lincoln Memorial Bridge in downtown Milwaukee. I admit I referenced Wikipedia for those.

My initial reaction to this was, “Seriously? Did they seriously think people weren’t remember Lincoln enough?”  First of all, there’s already a Lincoln Memorial Bridge in that state.  It opened up in 1933.  The ALMA opened in 1987.  It’s not like “Dennis the Menace” where two different folks in different areas came up with the name at the same time and it just didn’t reach the other. Sure, Google Maps didn’t exist back in 87, but I’m pretty sure they knew of the bridge, considering it was in their state and these were people who had a job naming a bridge.

Second, are people really forgetting Lincoln?  If you ask people to name US Presidents and they’re not one of those people that will rattle all of them off in order, they’ll probably say, “Washington, Lincoln, Obama, uhh…..Bush, uh…..”  I guarantee Lincoln’s in the top 5. On a side note: People may also rattle off Garfield. Ask them to name one fact about him. Some might be able to give you a fact, while others might simply know him because of the cat. For the latter group, ask them if they realized Garfield was assassinated in office.

Also, Lincoln is on the penny and the $5 bill.  Seriously, this guy has his picture on literally one of the cheapest things you can buy. And he’s on there twice! And then he’s not only on the 1¢, but the $5.  He’s not lowest denomination in both coin and paper. The $5 is big enough that you can try to bribe some cheap people with it by holding it out and asking, “Will Mr. Lincoln change your mind?”  If they respond yes, toss them a penny. If they don’t catch the penny and leave it on the ground, don’t worry. It’s a penny.

OK, so maybe a small depiction on the penny isn’t that great. If only Lincoln was memorized in some large way.  Like maybe carve his face into a mountain.  Or, maybe a giant memorial in Washington.  Oh wait, he is on both of those.

You know this guy?  Of course you do.

You know this guy? Of course you do.

My thought is that someone brought it up as a joke (they were probably in the Lincoln conference room of the Government Center located on Lincoln Boulevard) and no one else in the conference room wanted to point out the absurdity of a second Lincoln Memorial Bridge in the state for fear that everyone else would laugh at them or accuse them of being a commie. Forget the fact that there’s probably hundreds of people from the area that did something significant that people don’t know about.

How many memorials do you think is enough for someone?

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