The pukiest Christmas Eve ever

Here is the long awaited tale. And I hope from the title you realize that this is not for the faint of stomach.

We flew out to my parent’s house for Christmas. So all of this occurred at their house. So, so sorry, Mom and Dad.

Christmas Eve morning, Emma was sick once (and by sick I mean puked all over her pants and a rug and almost made Bryan puke cleaning it up), so we settled her into the couch with some crackers, ginger ale, and Christmas movies. She held onto the little trash can and enjoyed the movies. By two or so, she was feeling pretty good again and ran around playing.

Everything seemed fine. Normal even.

Around 3:30, we got everyone dressed up for church in their matching Christmas outfits. We headed out the door around 4:40 to attend the candlelight service. Micah was getting into everything at the service. It was a new church to him, and he wanted to explore. I carried him around in the back and let him play on the floor a bit. Then, I realized I needed to change his diaper, so I asked my mom where I should go. She directed me to the restroom and a changing table, and we worked together to entertain and change him. Once I had finished cleaning him up, my mom took him back into the service.

Micah had been in that “I only want Mommy to hold me” phase, so I let Mom take him in and snuck in beside her so he wouldn’t see me, she had turned him the other direction. Bryan and I were bookending the pews, hidden from view by direction or other people. Micah played happily for a few minutes, then, unexpectedly, he started to fuss and dove for Emma, since he couldn’t see Bryan or I. He immediately threw up all over her back. People behind her made the “Oooh” noise that people use for sports field injuries. At this point, she didn’t really know what was going on, my dad told her to go with my mom. We headed to the kitchen to get cleaned up.

We did our best with paper towels, but Emma still stunk. She handled it so well, though. Even made the “sitting in my own pew” joke, that’s my girl! I toted Micah around and debated heading back in, but I’m so glad I didn’t since he threw up two more times, once all over me and once all over the kitchen floor. I had to risk going back in to get reinforcements since I couldn’t set him down and clean up because he was simultaneously too upset and playing in his own vomit. So, so gross and sad.

Being Christmas Eve with extra singing, candles, and communion, the service went 30 minutes over. Finally, we loaded up and took everyone back to the house. Micah slept for a while while Emma and I showered up. When he woke up we gave him a bath, but it was really too early since he threw up several more times that night. I should have pictures of kids opening gifts, but I got nothin’, except a load of laundry. I am so thankful for Bryan and my dad who cleaned up messes all evening while I held the baby and changed shirts, and of course, for my mom who helped clean us up in church.

Thankfully, even though most of the adults suffered from an upset stomach, there was no more vomiting the rest of the holiday. There were other things which were unwelcome to adults with upset stomachs (diaper-related things that I don’t want to talk about), but a few days later Micah was back to normal again.

And if that never, ever, ever happens again on Christmas Eve, that would be OK with me.

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