Barbie’s comb really works

For Christmas, we planned to visit my parents during the trip also. However, since Micah got sick, I ended up going to my parents with just the girls while Amie stayed with Micah. I somehow managed to leave my comb behind, so I had a head of unkempt hair.


I look like a dirty hippie

Now this guest room also doubles as a playroom, and earlier, it had Barbies spread everywhere.  One tiny thing was left out. This comb.


Is that a bottle opener on the handle?

Sure, it’s like 1/20th the length of a regular comb, but it could do the job, right?  I mean, all I need to do is more strokes of the comb….


Combing and taking pictures is probably the hardest part

And there we go. Mission accomplished.


Lookin’ fine

So why didn’t I just go upstairs and borrow a comb from my parents? Because that would’ve been a boring blog post. And yes, all these pictures were taken in a mirror and I had to flip all of them to remove the mirror image so that you could see my sweet Logan Apps t-shirt that Amie got me for Christmas.

Which of Barbie’s accessories has really worked for you?

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