National (Thing) Day

Did you celebrate National Popcorn Day on January 19th?  Or are you waiting for January 31st? No one can seem to know for sure when it occurs. Even the people at Popcorn Board (probably the biggest popcorn lobbyists in the world) have no clue what the exact day is.

They state on their website that some people state it falls whenever the Super Bowl is. If that’s not riding coattails, I don’t know what is. Oh, it would probably be December 25th, where someone (again, details lacking) declared it National Pumpkin Pie Day. Really? You think you can share the biggest religious and secular holiday? That’s some boldness there.

What’s the barrier for entry for creating an ultra-fake holiday? I figure it was much easier back in the days before the Internet. Anyone could just put out a press release and no one could bother to fact check without some real work.  Besides, what reporter wants to uncover the it is indeed not National Jelly Bean Day (April 22nd). The staff at can’t seem to find the origin for that day.  In fact, they can’t seem to find the origin for a lot of days. The folks at have a slightly bigger list, but also lack details on origin of almost everything.

Today, people need to figure out how to make it go viral, which even having a day like “National Spray Whipped Cream in a Can Directly into Your Mouth Day” would be hard.

My birthday, depending on who you trust, is National Corn Chip Day. I strongly believe this means Fritos. Amie seems to think it involves any chip with a corn base, such as tortilla chips and even Cheetos. Of course, finding the Congressional decree for this days proves hard so we have no way of knowing the true intent.

What fake holiday would you create?

I had to add an origins note. This post originated when Bryan and I were having a conversation about a Facebook post referencing National Thesaurus Day. Bryan turns to me seriously and says, “I think some of these holidays are just made up.” I just about choked on my vitamin and died. Don’t think we don’t sacrifice for you, readers. I could have died, and yet, we persevere with writing, all for you, all six of you.

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