Boxes (and other garbage) are the bane of my existence

It’s not a secret that I have wicked smart and adorable children. They are also quite creative which means that even without cable, there’s never a dull moment. It also means that there are always messes. Creative children, well, they create, and part of that creating involves raw materials spread throughout the house.

So on any given day, there are colored pencils, scissors, pieces of fabric, tape, yarn, staples and other things that they have used to make art, parachutes, doll clothes and accessories, bookmarks, jewelry, etc.

All of these crafty things have a place. We have boxes, shelves, and dressers for millions of art supplies so that we can put things away from time to time. But my children are not satisfied with this, they need more. They need the Holy Grail of art supplies: garbage.

If we buy a large item or order stuff on Amazon, once the box is unloaded, the girls will take up residence. And I truly mean take up residence. Our latest box has wall art, flora, bubble wrap, reading material, and emergency rations.


Beyond this, while we clean up the kitchen, one of them will often ask if they can keep some piece of garbage like milk caps, styrofoam, drink holders, egg cartons, packing peanuts, etc. because they have a really cool idea for something. Sometimes, I hide certain pieces of garbage or boxes just to keep them from taking over the playroom (or dining room or family room or everywhere).

I guess it all comes down to this, if we have room for creativity in our house, we have to also have room for the results. Whether it fits my organizational bent or not. Sigh.

What do you long to get rid of?

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