Dentist stories

Here’s some random stories about my experience with the dentist.

The first cavity I had was at age 18.  I went into the dentist to get it fixed.  He didn’t really explain what was going on.  Oh!  That’s a pokey needle. Thanks for the warning. He must not have been talkative that day because chat like “How’s the weather? What’s your plans for the summer? Is this numb yet? By the way, a drill is in your mouth and I’m going to turn it on” weren’t really interesting to him. He just starts drilling and it hurts. But I’m too polite to say anything to him.

The next story, I can’t exactly remember what I was at the dentist for. But at one point, they gave me the little vacuum tube and left the room to go get something.  It’s sucking all the water out of my mouth. It was probably winter and I had a slight cold.  Anyways, I had a little cough and coughed up a small loogie.

The sound of the vacuum went from a whoosh with the occasional crackle to the squelch you hear while walking through mud. And then it went to the sound of a vacuum that has been completely blocked.  I look down at the clear tube and there’s a small segment of the tube that contains a yellowish brown substance.  And it’s not moving.

I panic. Remember, at this point they’ve left the room. I have no idea when they’re coming back. Surely this can’t rank as one of the grossest things they’ve seen, right? Maybe this happens frequently. What if the person who has to clean it knows it’s me? Should I tip in that situation? How did this manage to get past that front filter with the tiny holes by not be able to make it down the relatively larger tube? Will this machine being backed up cause the vacuum to short out soon?

Finally, I hear this noise of the loogie breaking up and being consumed by the suction. I quickly squirt a little more water into my mouth to rinse out the part of the tube. The dental hygienist walks in and asks me how I’m doing.

“Just fine.”

What’s your dentist story?

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