Don’t do anything crazy

This weekend was the last Bible Quizzing meet for the school year. I don’t usually go to the meets. Bryan coaches, and I stay home with the little guy, play with him, and enjoy the quiet while he naps. However, since it is the last meet, I was planning on coming to the end of the year celebration after quizzing. Bryan asked if I would come to the awards ceremony. I agreed that this would be good and told him to text me when it was close to time. He said yes but cautioned me not to “do anything crazy.”

I just stood there a little stunned. I’m a homeschooling housewife in her mid 30s. I’ve never posted crazy picture with YOLO as the caption. I don’t drink. The last party I went to was a direct sales party (Noonday Collection). I hardly even stay up past 10:30 at night. I don’t roadtrip, especially not spontaneously. I was baffled.

I gave him a very confused look, and he replies “but the turkey is out of the freezer, so I’m not real worried.”

Oh! That kind of crazy. I’ll make sure I bake my bread early, honey.

What crazy things did you do this weekend?

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