Stopping by for a chat

Whew! It’s been a busy week. Since most of my busy-ness is over, I thought I’d stop by for a chat and let you know what I’ve been up to along with the rest of the family.

Friday, I started the big project of organizing our paper clutter. I’ve been reading “Getting Things Done” by David Allen, and it motivated me to move our mostly unused filing cabinet up to where we actually process our papers. That meant I had to go through the REALLY old papers in the cabinet along with all of our current papers. Then, Bryan got the new Thor movie for us to watch for date night in. A lot of drama goes on in those other worlds.

Saturday morning, Bryan and I finished the filing project. Bryan shoveled because we got MORE snow Friday night. Then, we found out that we were responsible for dessert for the Wednesday night meal. After lunch, Bryan took the girls to the library and to the grocery store so that they could pick up groceries for the week and ingredients for dessert for 100+. Then, I made a turkey for dinner (you know, because isn’t that what everyone does on Saturday night?).

Sunday, I made turkey stock because it’s the right thing to do when you just made turkey. Trust me. Do it. It seems like it would be a lot of work, but it’s not, and your soup will thank you. I also make monster bars and brownies, 2 pans of each for Wednesday night. We also went to church, and our Sunday School lesson involved shadow figures, boats in a bowl, and fingerpainting. With 3 year olds. And I still managed to make bars. I am Wonder Woman.

Monday, I jarred up my stock. Homeschooled my children. Took Emma to play practice. Made lemon bars and cream cheese danish bars. I also stressed about the next day because it would be the busiest preparation day.

Tuesday, the culmination of all the foolish commitments I had made and the plans of others all coagulated into a ball of frenzy. We started out with homeschool. Then, thankfully, a friend came over and stayed with Emma and Micah while I ran Hannah to the dentist to have 3 teeth removed because she has a little little mouth. It was gross, but she did awesome. Then, I worked on making dinner and packaging freezer meals for Emma’s Wednesday night church activities leader who just had hip replacement surgery. I also prepared to lead American Heritage Girls that evening by researching rock climbing apparel and took a phone call to finish prepping to substitute tutor (teach) our homeschool group the next day. After American Heritage Girls (which caused me to have to drive home in MORE SNOW), I made Bryan put a packing list for the next day on my phone as I got ready for bed.

Wednesday, we got up and started packing. We needed our regular gear of backpacks, diaper bag, lunches (which I only half packed, thanks Subway!), and water bottles. But we also needed my materials for teaching, the flute and music so I could do a presentation for our orchestra intro, the bars for dessert Wednesday night (all 120 of them), and the freezer meals. We got packed and loaded, I plowed our van through the fresh berm helpfully left by the snowplow, and I drove right past the exit to Subway. So we decided to open the church first and then run as soon as someone was there, but everyone was late because of the mess of the roads from the 3-4 inches of snow we got the night before. Finally, we we able to purchase our lunch, and classes went well. Then, we ran to pick up Bryan for Wednesday night activities, and I ran to the store to get the few missing ingredients from our freezer meals (mostly the buns I had planned to bake in all my free time). I came back and set out the bars for dinner. After dinner, the kids and I headed up for the Lenten service (where Micah removed all the pens from the seat backs and managed to crawl into a different row) while Bryan cleaned up dinner with the other elders who were able to be there. We finished and made it home for the night. Phew!

Today was more school (only not really “more” since the oldest is on math break for a week since she finished her 5th grade book and middle was “so tired”). Since we were sick of winter, the girls removed the snowflakes from the windows (to be replaced with tulips when they get a chance to make them). On our drive home Tuesday (in the snow), I told them that they should take the snowflakes down while singing “Caliente” from the Dora Fairytale Princess video. While I got dressed after my shower this morning, I did indeed hear strains of Caliente, so I’m pretty sure Spring is going to be here in about 3 minutes. Then, we had piano lessons and choir practice. It was a long one since we have a concert next week. Then, back home where I got stuck halfway in the driveway because the once-frozen berm turned into a slushy-icy mess. Thankfully, two ladies stopped and helped push us out. Emma and I were able to shovel enough slush out to get back in the driveway. Then, we went in to finish schoolwork and make dinner. Bryan tried to take care of more of the driveway when he got home, but of course, it was frozen again. This doesn’t bother me any because it’s just one more excuse to stay home tomorrow. Then tonight, Bryan (before he took off for a meeting) and I both did a load of dishes, and it looks like we only have one left to do! Hooray!

Since I’ve been gone and preoccupied all week, tomorrow I have to figure out what the top priorities are of picking up general mess, making the clothes clean and put away, and finishing kitchen clean up. I want to have sewing Friday, but, maybe I’ll get time to sew while the kids are at Bible Quizzing on Saturday. Most of all, I hope that I get to stay home with the exception of church because I’m tired.

Now, here I’ve gone and done all the talking without letting you have a word in edgewise. What did you do this week?

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