A Random List of Springtime Activities

In no particular order, here is an update of what we’ve been up to

1. Gardening. It’s been nice outside, so we’ve been out planting, mowing, pulling weeds. This always makes me think of my mother in law because she, unlike me, is an excellent gardener and actually enjoys being outside. Man, I wish they lived closer. On an unrelated note, gardening uses a lot of squat muscles, so I should have legs of steel by the end of summer.

2. Doctor’s appointments. I got the oldest and the youngest in for some regular check ups. Poor pale Emma Boo takes after her mama, so they checked her iron levels. Seriously people, we’re just pale. It’s gonna be OK. Micah moved up in the percentile charts to the 25%.

3. Micah started walking. If you don’t follow on Facebook, you didn’t get to see the totally adorable video of Micah walking. That’s sad for you. We’re pretty proud of him.

4. We went to the Mall of America so that Bryan and the girls could ride rides at the amusement park for part of Emma’s birthday present. We went on a Monday, and they were able to get a lot of riding in.

5. Hannah went to a birthday party on Saturday before Mother’s Day. While she was there, the girls got invited to another one the next day. I will never again let them do that. I missed them and was so sad that we weren’t together since for some reason the party lasted for 4 hours. I’m glad they are friends with the girls and enjoyed their time, but I missed being with them.

6. ALLERGIES. We are coughing and sneezing and having headaches and blah. I think things will ease up once the tree that overshadows our house stops dropping pollen. I hope. Until then, it’s all vacuuming and changing sheets and showering and drinking hot beverages with honey.

7. Father-Daughter Bingo. The girls’ American Heritage Girls troop had their annual Father-Daughter Bingo event. Bryan won a t-shirt and a Slim Jim. They really know what dads like 🙂

8. While the girls partied, I went to Mom’s Night Out, the movie. It was cute. A little fluffy, but fun.

9. We’ve been doing our annual standardized tests. I don’t love these. They stress out the kiddos. I guess I should be thankful we aren’t doing the constant testing required by Common Core.

10. Activities are winding down at church. I got asked to be on the committee to help solve our Wednesday night dinner problem. Problem being that 100 or so people come and eat every week yet it’s hard to get people to cook for that many. I think besides having more meals catered, I was the lone brainstormer on ideas to make it easier. My brain is always storming, though, so if you need ideas, hit up the Logan house. Just try to do it before 6 pm, otherwise it’s going to be hard to sleep with all those ideas marching through our brains. I should note that my meetings took place at 7:45 pm and lasted until 9.

11. The piano recital is coming up. There’s been lots of practicing going on. I must say, it’s nice that Emma has gotten to the level that I get to hear Tchaikovsky and Brahms played around the house.

12. We’ve been getting bids for remodeling some of the kitchen (floors and counters and maybe the island). I never understood why people on HGTV went over budget all the time and over budget by half or more. I’m still not going to, but now I get it.

13. I made some corn tortillas into hardshell tacos in the oven last week. It was delicious and much more filling than the storebought shells even though I did buy these tortillas from Trader Joes. Even though they are delicious, the smell of the lime and corn makes me queasy when they’re in the pantry.

14. Micah’s getting a lot more words. My friend says that it’s not really a word if he’s not saying all of it, but even though I love her, I don’t listen to that. Communication is communication. Whatever he says that I understand counts because that means less frustration which means less using his head as a weapon of mass destruction. Micah head butts like no one else. I think we’ve all been in tears over it except maybe Bryan because he’s tough.

15. Sometimes when people say that moms should do their hair and get dressed everyday, it makes me want to wear yoga pants and put my hair in a pony tail even though I normally try to dress nicely each day. What is wrong with me?

That’s as good a place as any to end this post. What have you been up to? Most exciting update is the winner!

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