We will, We will ROCK YOU! (to sleep)

Micah was getting into Bryan’s nightstand drawer which holds all manner of important Father’s Day gifts of yore. I had Emma put up one of the more fragile gifts. I told her to put it up away from “Caker and the Destructiclaw”. (You have to know that we call Micah “Caker” or “Cakers” because when he was little somebody at swimming always asked about “babycakes” and for some reason that stuck and then he got bigger and you can’t call a boy “babycakes” when he’s bigger and so Emma started calling him “Caker” and if we get a dog ever, we’ll have it name it “Ice cream” and they’ll be Caker and Ice Cream.)

So anyway, Emma said, “Caker and the Destructiclaw would be a great name for a band.”

“And the band would have a piano and a violin and a harp and a flute. And it would play classical music and lullabies.” *giggle*

“And they would play for the King of England, and he would fall asleep.”

So then I asked what instrument Emma would play.

“Hannah would play the harp. You would play the violin. Micah would play the flute.” (I guess this means Emma gets the piano.)

Not knowing I was a part of this venture, I said, “Wait, I have to learn to play the violin?!”

“OK, you can play the flute, you know how to play the flute. Micah will play the violin. What would Daddy play? Daddy could sing. Or, he could dance. He could do his robot dance to the classical music and lullabies.”

“And I would need to get a portable piano so that I could take it on the train.”

So, we were supposed to ride on a train across the Atlantic to get to the King of England, but I expressed my fear that I railway across the ocean would quickly become corroded. So, she decided that we would ride in one of those planes that spells letters. I was worried about our instruments, but she says we would be so rich and famous that we would have seatbelts for our instruments.

What would you name your band?

PS-Our band is already on the verge of breakup because Hannah is refusing to play the harp.

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