When things get busy…..

You know when people complain about being busy, and they advice others give is “Well, something’s got to go.”  Like it’s just that easy to cut something out of the schedule. Yes, looking at other people’s schedule, you can sometimes figure out what to cut.  But you know what, it might matter to them.

These last few weeks have been really tough on us.  First, I was on-call for a week.  This usually entails cancelling all plans for the week except for church. This time, we ended up taking separate vehicles, which was good because I got a call right before I was about to leave. I handled that, but arrived at church late.  After multiple nights in a row of going to be late, handling stuff in the middle of the night, and handling stuff early, it wears on you, and the whole family. My on-call ends on Tuesday morning.

Now, I could go and list all the things we did the following week, but it doesn’t matter.  The things we ended up doing were important to us.  Seeing family, honoring prior commitments, giving the girls opportunity to have fun. Looking back, Amie and I tried to think of what we could’ve cut.  It turns out really nothing.  Is that 100% literally true?  No.  We could’ve shut out the entire world until we were caught up. But the things we needed to do were important to us and our kids.

Without the on-call, we probably would’ve been fine with that week.  I would’ve been a “this is busy week”, but we would’ve managed.  But since we had no time to catch up from the week before, it’s like when you stumble, and you can keep going, but you’re stumbling constantly.  Or you could choose to fall flat on your face and recover.  We chose the first option.

Did we cut anything out?  Yup.  I didn’t get up early in the morning for a while.  We didn’t have energy to pack lunch some days or make dinner, so we ate our more.  The girls were thoughtful of us and asked to have scrambled eggs for dinner one night.  The garden didn’t get weeded as much as it should’ve. We didn’t write on the blog as much.

What, if anything, do you cut when things just get busy?

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