2014 Family Pics

So, if you’ve been keeping up, you’ve seen the losers. Here are the pics that I just love, though.

Of Emma

IMG_6868IMG_6889IMG_6878Of Hannah


Of Micah

IMG_6931IMG_6953 IMG_7015

Of Bryan

IMG_6910IMG_6912IMG_6911This is what I like of me

IMG_7000IMG_6919But the kids like this one better

IMG_7001Group shots

IMG_6984IMG_6942IMG_7037IMG_7006IMG_7022And some bonus baby pics because I can’t resist

IMG_6948IMG_6960IMG_6971So, there you go! Family photos 2014. Now if I could just get someone to spend 10 minutes each year positioning and taking the family photos, I’d really have something to write home about 🙂 Do you take family photos each year? Is not coordinating clothing the most ridiculously stressful thing EVER?



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