Family Photo Fails

I took everyone out to take our yearly picture. No artsy faded backgrounds or cool photo edits this year because my camera is not that good and my photo editing software is the free stuff, so you’re stuck with the raw (but still cute) footage.

In any case, some of our photos are not so cute. So, with the victim’s permission, here are some of our photo fails.

Photo sessions are generally pretty boring, so a lot of people were having trouble staying awake.




At some point during every photo shoot, everyone gets the, “you’ve got to be kidding me” look on their face.




Then, there are always those awkward, random shots that you have no idea where they came from.



And the position/smile fails that come with group shots.




Finally, sometimes, you just love it, but it doesn’t work for wall photos.



There’s the fails. Stay tuned for the good stuff. And a new blog header. Contain your excitement people!


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About Amie

Hi! I'm Amie. Bryan's wife. Joyful mother to three. Homeschool teacher. Seamstress. Kitchen experimenter. Trying to figure out this thing of being a disciple of Christ.
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  • CHoward

    I can totally relate to this experience! If I get one good shot of each kid, I consider it a victory. Two would be amazing, and a group shot that is worth enlarging for the wall? Miracle.

  • Jan Moyer

    Well, you’ve seen my attempts at family photos…

  • Amie

    I LOVE your family photos. They just make me want to hang out with your family. Not super good for walls or Christmas cards, though. I feel your frustration.

  • Amie

    I got some really good shots of my kids, but the group shots are KILLING me this year. My cover shot on Facebook makes me wish I could photo edit Bryan a little higher up. I have another with bad lighting, another with head chopped off, some with awkward positioning. I have a hard time being both behind and in front of the camera. Imagine that 🙂