Coke names

Have you noticed the Coke bottles with names on them?  They started appearing earlier this year.  They say “Share a Coke with …..” and then the name of someone.  To be honest, I have yet to purchase a Coke to share with a person with that name.  To be fair, the opportunity hasn’t arisen.  The closest I got was getting a bottle with the name of one of the guys I work with.  But he started working remote a few weeks before, so I’m off the hook.

If I found a bottle with one of my close friends’ name written on it, would I buy it for them? Sure.  But that situation hasn’t arisen yet.

Now, the true goal is to find your own name.  So how have we been doing here?  Well, according to (no longer works to search), the best our family can do is 60%.  “Amie”, not unexpectedly, is not available.  Neither is “Micah”.  But that’s fine because the sugar and caffeine would not be good for him. According to that page, “Bryan” is available.  I haven’t seen it yet, but it is a change from my younger childhood years. I’ve sometimes thought my middle name should be “With-a-y”.  But the spelling on that would be awkward.  Withuhwhy? Whithuwheye?

At work, it’s been busy, so I’ve been getting a soda more often.  I’ll walk and check the two machines to see if any have one that would be good to get.  Earlier in the summer, I got “Hannah”.  I was exhausted, so I drank “her” Coke, but she has the bottle and enjoys it.

I also check at the gas station.  I was able to snag an “Amy”, which is the closest she’ll get. But yesterday, I gassed up and saw it………


We’ll call that a victory for the whole family.

My dad was able to get this:


But it’s Diet Coke, so it doesn’t count.  But I saw this in the machine at work:


And that was good enough for me, because I’m a problem solver:


Did you find your name this summer?

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  • Ricky Anderson

    Haven’t had a Coke in years. We keep one (1) in the fridge in case my MIL has a low blood sugar. I prefer Dr. Pepper.

  • Bryan

    I love how you wrote “one (1)”. It felt like I was reading the Terms & Conditions of a giveaway.

    Can’t your MIL just suck it up and drink a Dr. Pepper if she has low blood sugar? I would think at that point, I would really care if it tasted like Big Red soda, I’d be drinking it.

  • Ricky Anderson

    We drink Diet Dr. Pepper, so it won’t do her much good. Plus, it’s an excellent way to make sure we don’t drink it and then not have it when it’s needed.