Happy Birthday, Bryan!

My sweetie gets a year older today, and I got to spend a little bit longer with him which is always a treat. So, I thought I would share some of the things that I think make Bryan great.

  1. He will help shovel you out if you’re stuck in the snow.
  2. He will move his schedule around to let his wife get things done or just go have some alone time.
  3. Computer stuff is automagic with him. “Hey, Babe, my phone/laptop/tablet is doing [insert wrong thing].” “OK” *takes phone/laptop/tablet* 30 seconds later “Here, that should be fixed.”
  4. He really doesn’t seem to mind when EVERYONE asks him to help with their computers.
  5. He is so funny. It’s really why I’m on Twitter. Just to follow Bryan because he’s hilarious and makes my day.
  6. He will eat ice cream with you late at night. He’ll even suggest it or run out for it.
  7. He will never complain if the house isn’t clean, or dinner is late. He’ll just ask if we should go out for dinner.
  8. He pillow fights with our kids, so I don’t have to.
  9. He also builds sweet Lego contraptions for them to discover downstairs.
  10. He plays “let’s hide under the blanket” with the kids so I don’t have to make my hair SUPER static-y.
  11. He will paint someone’s finger or toe nails.
  12. He is great at explaining math problems that a kiddo and I can’t work out between us.
  13. As shown above and for many other reasons, he’s an awesome dad.
  14. He’s a good foil to the emotional meltdowns that happen in a house with three females.
  15. He will respond to your email in 5 minutes or less most of the time.
  16. He finds great videos on YouTube and shares them with me and sometimes the girls.
  17. He always knows the appropriate time to play a song from the 80s or 90s.
  18. He will dance to said song.
  19. Even in the grocery store.
  20. He will encourage you to take a nap if you need it whether you are 3 or 33.
  21. If it’s the weekend, he’ll even take one with you.
  22. He is an efficiency expert.
  23. He never calls you crazy and shows amazing patience when you take your time choosing backsplash tiles even when the toddler is going a little crazy in the home improvement store.
  24. He’s always thinking and processing things.
  25. He doesn’t get sad when the parking garage attendant thinks I’m one of the kids and gives me a lollipop. He just rejoices with me. Unless it’s butterscotch or cream soda.
  26. He’s always up for a science experiment.
  27. He reads the news so I don’t have to.
  28. He’s been reading the news since junior high or high school so he’s really, really good at 90s Trivial Pursuit.
  29. He doesn’t pick his nose and eat his boogers contrary to the lies spread on Frozen.
  30. He looks pretty snazzy in a suit and tie.
  31. He has amazing eyelashes and passed them on to 2/3 of our progeny. Well done!
  32. He also has perfectly straight teeth. Hopefully, one of our kids got those.
  33. He’s good at getting out splinters.
  34. He’s also good at removing hair from the drains.
  35. He’s my favorite.

Want to guess how old he is today?

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