Setting the clock on the microwave

Clock, clock, numbers, start.  That’s how you set the time on our microwave.  Really, this is a post to myself.  I will search for this post twice a year.  I probably need to SEO it up a bit. “Daylight savings time”. “Fall back”. “Spring ahead”. “Changing clocks”. DST. microwavey.  Yeah, I know that’s not a word. But we’ve blogged before about our microwave and I don’t want to have to dig through a bunch of old posts. I’ll forget it though…..maybe.

How do you set your microwave? Comment below and save it for prosperity. Or just any random bit of information that you need to recall very infrequently.

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Bryan Logan

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I'm Bryan. I like to innovate things. These innovations may materialize as activities with the kids, new/easier/better ways of doing things, smartphone apps, or just funny blog posts. You can find me on Twitter and
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  • Some Guy

    Ours is clock, numbers, clock. I think clock, numbers, start is what activates the timer-only feature. Don’t know what clock, clock would do.

  • Bryan

    Ours has a timer button. So I think for a timer it’s timer, numbers, start. Or numbers, timer. Or numbers, timer, start. Forget it! We need the microwave to cook something while timing. Just use the timer on your phone.

  • Amie

    Timer and clock are the same button which is why you need to clock it twice. So glad you published this though. I hate trying to remember.