Those kids were right.  Rabbits shouldn’t eat people food. It’s probably not good for them.  While Trix probably aren’t the greatest for kids either, they’re part of a “balanced breakfast”. Basically, that means you have to have a bunch of other stuff because Trix isn’t going to be the complete source of all your needs.

Those kids were also wrong. “Trix are for kids” isn’t exactly sound logic for taking away Trix from the rabbit. The statement merely means that kids are one of the receivers of Trix.  It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s exclusive to kids. It’d have to be “Trix are for kids and only for kids”.  Trix are for adults too.  At least I hope they are because it’s a delicious treat that sometimes ends up in the cart if I get sent to the grocery store and peruse the cereal aisle.  Why do I peruse the cereal aisle?  I don’t know.  Maybe I’m crossing over to the cheese section on the other side.  If some kids tried to take away Trix from me saying, “Trix are for kids”, I’d have either one of two responses:

  1. I’m your dad and I paid for these Trix, so I’m going to eat a sweet bowl.
  2. Who are you and what are you doing in my house? Get out of here.

Of course, the response is really dictated by who says it.  Besides, if a rabbit can talk, he can probably just go on Amazon and order his own Trix. I mean, seriously, it’s not like the UPS driver is going to know what’s in the package and be a jerk to him.

Do you eat your kids’ cereal?

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