Dropping Illusions

Valentine’s Day is a holiday marketed with a ton of illusions.

According to various ads, all you need for a Happy Valentine’s Day is a date, flowers, candy, dinner reservations, dress/suit/tie, fancy underclothes, alcoholic beverages, fancy desserts, romantic movies, hotel reservations, expensive jewelry, etc. Your kids should have pin-worthy boxes and handmade Valentine’s. But this isn’t really true. With all those expectations, you’re actually more likely to be unhappy on Valentine’s Day than happy. With that in mind, let’s get rid of some illusions and unrealistic expectations today, so we can be a little happier, shall we?

Every kiss begins with Kay. I think we can all agree that there would be far less kissing if we had to wait for expensive jewelry every time. In fact, when I have tiny babies, I kiss their little faces about a hundred thousand times a day, and all they give me is lack of sleep, dirty diapers, and interrupted meals.

After kids, the romance is dead. Not so.  I hope you all can have a date every so often, but even if you cannot, husbands can still open doors for you (mine does). He can still bring you flowers. I remember my dad bringing my mom “just because” flowers at work. And after kids, romance just expands because suddenly getting up with the sick kid in the middle of the night or doing the dishes while you put the kids to bed become terribly romantic.

“Romance” novels. The title there is just a total illusion. The name of these books should be “what women wish men were like” novels. I won’t tell you my suggested title for more explicit versions of these books. But, in any case, the audience of these books should probably not be women but men because then women wouldn’t build up unrealistic expectations and men would be able to surprise women with ridiculously sappy behavior. Win-win

Homemade Valentine’s are what all the kids are doing. My kids got one Pinterest worthy Valentine for 9 store-bought with tape Valentine’s. That’s when I decided to not feel guilty for buying instead of making this year. Valentine’s are fun to make if you like crafts and have time, but really, kids are looking for the candy here. You could just throw sugar in the general direction of their mouths, and they would be happy.

And finally, I am never going to get the rest of these sent out.


These are my Christmas cards. If you haven’t received one, don’t feel bad. I probably have an envelope addressed to you somewhere around here or at my mother’s house. Whether I intended to include a personal note to you or stick in some family pictures, the truth is, these things are not getting sent out. It’s ridiculously late. If you REALLY REALLY want one, go ahead and leave a comment, I’ll send it out next week and you can treasure it for a day or two before you throw it away. Know, that even if you didn’t receive a card, I still have been thinking of you. But now, it’s time to stop pretending that I’m going to carve out several hours to send out cards that are two months overdue. I need to get some birthday cards that are only two weeks overdue in the mail instead. I want to blog and update you all on what is happening now. I want to take a nap without thinking about these things. Remember, though, I love you all. Next year, the kitchen renovation should be done, and I’ll just assign addressing the envelopes to the children for a school project, probably, maybe, I make no promises.

So tonight, we’re having a little heart-shaped pizza with strawberry shortcake and Skyping some grandparents. What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

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