How to watch the big game on your TV without cable or antenna

We don’t have cable or satellite at our house. We thought we might try to get an antenna for Super Bowl and the Olympics. It didn’t get many channels, and some were still flaky.

For the last few years, the networks have been broadcasting the game on the Internet for free. If you have a mobile device, you’d better have Verizon too, because they have exclusive rights to the game on mobile. If you have friends over, huddling around the iPad isn’t going to be fun. You could go to the NBC Sports on your desktop or laptop, and that might make the screen a little bit bigger. But you probably want to watch in your living room.

If you have the right cables, you could hook up your laptop to the TV and set it as a second screen, drag the browser over, and maximize.

If you don’t want to move your desktop, another option is to get a Chromecast device for $35 (Best Buy has them in stores since Amazon’s 2-day shipping won’t be sufficient before tonight). It plugs into a HDMI port on your television and then you use an app on your phone, tablet, or computer to connect it to your WiFi network. The setup app is available for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

s5-productheroThen from your desktop, bring up the Chrome browser (not other ones), and go to Google Cast extension for Chrome and install that. In the upper-right, you should see this icon (the rectangle with the curves on the bottom left):

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 6.23.18 AMClicking on this will allow you to send your current browser tab to the TV. Have the current tab be screened on the TV, and then start the streaming video and maximizing it by clicking on the bottom-right of the video (the rectangle with the lines by the corners).

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 6.26.35 AMMake sure the sound is turned up on the video itself (the speaker icon above). At this point, you can turn off the sound on your desktop (the system sound, not the video sound). Go to your TV, turn up the volume, and you’re watching the big game.

We use our Chromecast to watch YouTube videos on the big screen and watch movies/TV shows from Google Play. But developers can also create their own apps using Chromecast. Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go all support Chromecast. I’ve dabbled in it a bit. Logan Apps will probably have something eventually. Follow Logan Apps on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ to keep up with the stuff we come out with.

loganappslauncher147x147Last year we could receive Fox over the antenna, but it didn’t come in good later.  Luckily, we were able to switch over to online streaming and watch the rest of the game.

How do you plan on watching the game?

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