The pleasure of white socks

Ever have one of those small things you just look forward to even though it seems silly?  Mine is wearing white socks.  Since my job has a dress code where I need to wear and suit & tie, my socks during the week are black or brown.  But come the weekend, it’s white socks!  Going on vacation?  I hope I have enough white socks!

Now, I don’t wear the typical thin dress socks.  I think those don’t provide padding and you just wear through them. I never understood why people get those.  Instead, I get black or brown socks that are the same weight as my white socks.  So the feel of them is usually the same.  And if I have to grab some extra for vacation, I’ll grab the black ones.

So why do I look forward to white sock weekend?  I don’t know.  Although I do know that my white socks did wear out recently, and Hannah was super excited to buy me some more for Christmas.  Maybe it’s just something small to look forward to. Like opening a new box of Kleenex.

What small thing do you look forward to?

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  • Cheryl

    I know Amie can relate to this… Taking the curl off the top of the butter dish or ice cream cone.