Leaving my job – Again

For my birthday, Amie got me a new red dress-up shirt and tie (amongst other things).  That’s because my old one was wearing out a bit and I needed dress up shirts for work.  Both of us are planners. We figured I’d be requiring dress shirts for years to come.  It turns out though, I won’t need a huge amount of them after last week.

I had a recruiter reach out to me after seeing my LinkedIn profile with the chance to work full-time doing mobile development.  I’ve had recruiters contact me through LinkedIn before.  But most of them involved relocating.  Or some weren’t really forthcoming with information (seriously, if you don’t tell me the company name, it’s going to be difficult).  But this guy was great. Soon I had a phone interview scheduled, and after that a meeting for lunch.  Things went great there and they kicked off the process to have HR extend an offer.

This is much different than when I left IBM. For that, it was something I decided to do and pursued other opportunities for a long time.  The time waiting between submitting an application and waiting to hear back is an eternity.  For this job, they came to me, so all that didn’t exist. Before, I wanted to leave IBM.  When this opportunity came, I wasn’t looking to leave Mayo.  But the offer was too good to pass up. And that’s not just a “money was better” statement.  The things I get to work on and the team I get to be a part of is extremely exciting.

This is a huge change.  This job has onsite indoor parking and also an onsite chef.  OK, so I’m working from home.  But doesn’t the first one sound much more impressive?  But there will be a lot of changes to adjust to.  I will probably write more about it later.  For now, it’s just getting through orientation and starting the journey.

How else can I make “working from home” sound more impressive?

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