For those with sensitive noses or how I change diapers with morning sickness

I don’t know if you’ll ever need this very important life hack, but when Bryan and Micah got food poisoning for several days while I was still battling morning sickness, I needed it to survive.

Changing #2 while pregnant is always a risk for me, but with diarrhea it’s even worse, so here’s what worked for me.

Upon detecting the smell, grab a baby wipe. Place the wipe over your nose and mouth and seal the area by pulling your shirt collar over your nose. This works best with crew necks and turtlenecks, so plan your wardrobe appropriately. Your makeshift respirator leaves your hands free for changing. Leave the wipe in place during changing and until the diaper is properly disposed of, preferably outdoors. Then, carefully remove wipe and move to rooms where the offending BM has not contaminated the air source.

Bonus, small toddlers will think this new look is hilarious. Fun for toddler. No puking for me. Win-win.

Have you found a different way to conquer this serious problem? If so, leave a comment below and you could win . . . my undying gratitude.

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