Working from home

I’ve been working at home for about a month and a half now.  With the sudden career transition, it’s been……different. I wouldn’t describe it as a “shock”, because stuff comes up and I just handle it.

So to answer the question on everybody’s mind: Do I wear pants? Yes. The first day I worked was the first time it was 60 degrees all year and I was just watching an orientation webcast, so I did wear shorts that day.  And occasionally I will wear lounge pants depending on what’s clean in the laundry and if I have anything else planned that day. And yes, I’ve showered 100% of the days I’ve worked.  Occasionally we’ll communicate with each other over Google Hangouts, so yeah, you have to be presentable.

You lose track of the days.  Monday is easy.  It’s the day I start work for the week. But my new job isn’t bogged down in processes that I have a bunch of various meetings that act as reminders of what day it was.  This makes Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday indistinguishable.  Amie would mention something about Wednesday night church activities, and I would be confused if she was talking about tonight, tomorrow, or what. I find myself needing to occasionally remind myself what day it is throughout the day.  That’s a new thing for me.

The commute time rocks.  Running just a little bit late doesn’t mean the difference between making and missing the bus.  When I’m in “working mode”, I try to stay in that.  But on a few occasions like when Micah has been sick, the ability to go from work to home instantly has been good.

The number of people you see in a day dramatically decreases.  With taking the bus to my previous job, arriving at the building at the exact time every, and other people’s buses arriving at the same time, shifts ending, etc.  You’d see a bunch of the same people walking the hallways going to your office.  I probably saw 200-300 people by the time I sat down at my desk.  Now it’s 4.  3 if one of the kids sleeps in.

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  • Ricky Anderson

    I’m terrible about working at home. Every fit, diaper or snack break is a distraction to me. I feel like I need to be doing all the things I would normally do at home on the weekend, even though Jana is great about telling me not to worry about it.

  • Amie

    We tuck Bryan away in a secluded corner room of the house with a door and stay on another floor most of the day, so he doesn’t even hear us. Without that office, it could be pandemonium.

  • Ricky Anderson

    Our ‘office’ is a folding table by the front door. Pandemonium reigns supreme.

  • Bryan

    I also put in headphones and listen to music every once in a while.

  • Ricky Anderson

    I would give you a hard time about answering blog comments at work, but…