Amazing Life Hacks 2: Return of Mediocrity

If you missed the previous Amazing Life Hacks, don’t worry.  You didn’t miss much.  I mean, you could read it it you wanted to.  But we’re back for another round of Life Hacks:

  • Wifi signal isn’t strong and you have an empty Pringles can? Order both Pringles and a Wifi extender from Amazon.  They have everything.
  • Need a recap of last night’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”? No, you don’t.
  • Substitute milk for water to have the weirdest shower ever.
  • If you’re going to stink up the bathroom, always make sure to pre-blame when you go in. No one’s going to verify at that point, and they can’t blame you afterwards.
  • Need to finish a RedBox rental but can’t afford another night? You need some margin in your budget. You shouldn’t be running within $1.20 of disaster.
  • Need a new tank for your three pet cobras? Make a YouTube video of yourself juggling the cobras (don’t hurt the cobras). Have it go viral. Become YouTube partner. Use profits to buy new cobra tank.
  • Need exercise motivation? Put your workout clothes on backwards, because Kris Kross will make you jump jump.

Anything else to add?

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I'm Bryan. I like to innovate things. These innovations may materialize as activities with the kids, new/easier/better ways of doing things, smartphone apps, or just funny blog posts. You can find me on Twitter and
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