Micah received a gift in the mail from my parents. I wasn’t sure when he was going to get it, but I wanted to tell the girls about it, so I used the old parenting technique of spelling it out.

“Micah got a b-i-g-h-o-r-n from Gramma and Grampa in the mail today.” (A big horn sheep monster truck from the Nickelodeon Blaze cartoon)

Hannah replies with delight, “He is going to be b-o-n-k-i-n-g his cars so much they’ll get scratched!” (Bonking is the primary activity of big horn monster trucks.)

Micah replies, “When we get home, I want to (begins singing) A B C D E F G my cars!”

Absolutely, Buddy, you ABCDEFG your cars all you want.

Did spelling out surprises ever go awry for your family?

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