When my bigger

Micah has been making plans. Whenever he gets turned down for something, it goes on his list for “when my bigger”.

“I want to ride in that big truck.”
“No, that’s not ours.”
“Oh, when my bigger, I’m going to drive that big truck.”

So far the list mostly consists of a long list of vehicles he’s going to own and/or drive. An excavator, a dump truck, a garbage truck, a fire truck, a big pickup truck, a Suburban (which he calls a “burban” with a delightful little kid accent), a bike, the list goes on and on really.

He will also watch and play football.

Become a spy with Uncle Rory and have a driver’s license.

Do construction work.

Use the oven.

Go to camp.

Carry his baby brother (sorry, Isaiah, hope he forgets about this one).

That’s what I can remember right now. What will you do when you’re bigger?

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