After the trauma of Wednesday, Thursday was a quiet day of recovery, I think. I was really too tired to notice much other than what was directly around me. Friday dawned anew, though, and with it came those troubles of its own warned about in the scriptures. During Isaiah’s first feeding, he threw up most or all of his feed. I’m thinking about what wonderful germs we must have picked up in all those clinic visits Wednesday. He refused to eat after throwing up, smart kid, but since I’m nursing, this required potential action on my part. If he wasn’t going to nurse well all day, I was going to have to pump. Boo. I went to get my pump and sterilize the parts. Isaiah went down for nap, I put everything in a pot on the stove to boil. I turned on the burner, and Micah had to pee. I take him potty and get him dressed, and when we come out, we both smell something. I hurry downstairs expecting to see some hot metal or melted plastic because I was sure the cause of the smell was turning on the wrong burner. I was right about the burner, but the smell was a rag, on fire. I tried smothering it with a pot lid, but that was awkward and taking too long, so I poured my teapot over it. The smoldering rag sizzled out. Now I turned on the oven fan and ran about the house opening windows. Thankfully, the smoke detectors didn’t turn on and wake the baby, but they probably need replacing. Finally, I turned my attention back to Micah and got him some cereal. He decided to try milk on his cereal which he immediately drank out of the bowl. While chasing the last few Cheerios with his spoon, he upended his bowl onto the floor, so I paused my fire clean up to do soggy Cheerio clean up.

Much as I do when ants invade my home, the fire situation flipped a slightly OCD switch which led to compulsive kitchen cleaning. So, I suppose an upside to all this drama is a shiny clean kitchen. The girls probably wouldn’t agree though as they became conscripted labor for tidying up.

As the day went on, Isaiah didn’t throw up anymore, and we even made it to Walmart to get some gifts we needed for Sunday, but by the end of the day, we decided pizza was a great idea for dinner.

This week has obviously been one for professionals that your shouldn’t attempt at home, or one that causes me to need professional help, one of those.

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