Too efficient for my own good

As everyone is talking about fitness in the new year, I’m reminded of my own failings/strengths.

Actual conversation:

Me: What are you doing?
Child: Putting away this book.
Me: Look, there are five books that need to go downstairs along with some other things. Put them all in a stack and when you’re done cleaning the room, take them downstairs and put them away.

It would not occur to me to stop working where I’m at to run one item downstairs when I know there will probably be multiple items that need to go there. This could possibly be an acquired thought pattern, I’d have to ask my mom, but it’s a good and effective pattern for a mom of four. However, as I sorted my newly folded towels in the basket with nearest location on top on my way to run the towels and basket to their homes, I realized that this is why I was on my way to go walk on the treadmill. If my brain was less organized and efficient, I would probably clock a few thousand more steps on my fitbit every day. So, yes, I’m saving time, but then I have to use some of this time to exercise. This seems like a vicious cycle.

Are you too efficient for your own good?

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