I discovered mid morning that Isaiah had some hair and fuzz wrapped tightly around his toes. This is a condition called a hair tourniquet. I worked to free them. However, I kept watch over him, and by afternoon, it became apparent that I hadn’t finished the job since his toe still looked quite swollen and indented


I called into the clinic, but it was nearing the end of the day and I didn’t receive a response. When Bryan finished coaching quizzing and I finished feeding baby, I headed out to get someone to look at it. First, I went to the wrong clinic. They sent me to the Acute Care clinic across down from east to west. After looking, consulting, looking, consulting, they sent me across town from north to south to the ER. The doctor suggested I get some emotional support because “it would be harder on me than on him.” I guess I look like a delicate flower. I was more concerned about sitting in the ER waiting room for hours with a baby than the procedure which I saw pictures of on Google earlier in the day. Amazingly, though, they called ahead and there really was no wait. The treatment involves cutting the toe to free it from the hair tourniquet. They numb it first with a shot which was the hardest part, well, that and trying to stop bleeding on an active little guy who has no interest in holding still. A nice grandpa was the nurse, though, and he had some magic clotting bandage. We headed home where Bryan, who had thankfully taken charge of the other three, informed me that I had worried half the church by texting him to let him know that I was headed to the emergency room. I updated Facebook to set that aright and called my parents with whom I had been consulting. Thursday things looked much better.


All this in the day that Emma is taking her midterms. Exhausting.

And that was just Wednesday.

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