Why does the baby’s breath smell like gingerbread?

We sat down to dinner in stages. I was helping Emma prepare for her test tomorrow, so Bryan went down and heated up the Sloppy Joes that I had pulled from the freezer earlier that week. He got Micah and himself some food first, and then I sent Hannah down. Finally, Emma and I headed down. Micah thought the meal was great and ate it all up quickly. Bryan said that since he (Micah) had finished, he could have a gingerbread Oreo (these are surprisingly tasty by the way). Micah ate his cookie and was thirsty, so he got a drink from his water bottle. The rest of us continue to eat. Bryan turns to the baby in his chair, “No, Micah, you can’t put things in the baby’s mouth,” as Micah tries to give Isaiah a drink from his water bottle. Later, I pick up Isaiah and notice that his breath smells like gingerbread. Since baby’s breath often smells like old milk, Bryan’s thinking this might be a good baby breath mint applicator.

Has your baby ever smelled like cookies? Have you tried the gingerbread Oreo cookies? How do you keep your toddler from helpfully shoving things in baby’s face?

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