Evaluating Software Support

Sometimes when evaluating a product, I submit a support request just to see how the company handles it. Here’s my experience so far:

Me: I’m encountering this issue (and all the details). Also, if you click “Create a Ticket” and then create a JIRA account, it says accounts aren’t allowed to be created.
Support: Can you provide more details?
Me: OK. (Provides even more details)
Support: File a JIRA ticket.

So some time goes by and I get a follow-up email asking if I have any question.

Me: Yup, I’m having this issue. And JIRA is broken.
Support: Yeah, we know JIRA is broken. Can you provide screenshots, logs, etc?
Me: Provides another write-up of the issue.

A few hours later….
Support: Hey, JIRA should be working again. Go submit there. Let me know if you have any issues.

Seriously, this doesn’t convince me to ask my company to pay thousands for your software. Have you had any support woes like this?

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