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I'm Bryan. I like to innovate things. These innovations may materialize as activities with the kids, new/easier/better ways of doing things, smartphone apps, or just funny blog posts. You can find me on Twitter and

Amazing Life Hacks

Those random bits of information to make life easier. Car won’t start?  Pour a small bit of soda pop on the front tire. It won’t help your car to start, but you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of the … Continue reading

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Want to give a Valentine’s App instead of a card this year?

Last year it was really hectic around Valentine’s Day.  I didn’t have time to run to the store and pick up a card.  So instead I created an app for Amie. It was an extremely simple app, just one screen … Continue reading

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How to watch the big game on your TV without cable or antenna

We don’t have cable or satellite at our house. We thought we might try to get an antenna for Super Bowl and the Olympics. It didn’t get many channels, and some were still flaky. For the last few years, the … Continue reading

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My bid for the White House

People go out and drink on their 21st birthday, because it’s the first time they can (legally) do that.  I never did that because I’m not really a fan of drinking.  I also didn’t smoke at midnight on my 18th … Continue reading

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Those kids were right.  Rabbits shouldn’t eat people food. It’s probably not good for them.  While Trix probably aren’t the greatest for kids either, they’re part of a “balanced breakfast”. Basically, that means you have to have a bunch of … Continue reading

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Setting the clock on the microwave

Clock, clock, numbers, start.  That’s how you set the time on our microwave.  Really, this is a post to myself.  I will search for this post twice a year.  I probably need to SEO it up a bit. “Daylight savings … Continue reading

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My latest app: After That

Here’s my latest app: After That You can find it on the iTunes App Store, Google Play, or Amazon.  Information is also posted on Logan Apps. This app is a story-telling tool that can be used in a group of … Continue reading

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Subscription boxes

What’s up with all the subscription boxes? Now, don’t confuse these with “(Blank) of the Month” clubs.  Those have been around for a while.  You pay something, and you get a sample of that item every month.  But they’re pretty … Continue reading

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In defense of the selfie

Every so often, you see people complaining about “selfies”, aka pictures that you take of yourself, usually using your cell phone. But they never give actual reasons why the selfie should be “banned”.  Doing “rigorous” research like I normally do … Continue reading

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Coke names

Have you noticed the Coke bottles with names on them?  They started appearing earlier this year.  They say “Share a Coke with …..” and then the name of someone.  To be honest, I have yet to purchase a Coke to … Continue reading

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