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Decisions to make when starting to homeschool (humor)

So you and your wife have decided to homeschool. In many situations, the wife is the teacher. Yes, there are scenarios where the dad teaches or may teach a class or two, but those are rare. We’ll be focusing on … Continue reading

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I didn’t really LOL

There’s just something about when the humor is being delivered from a medium I know won’t get feedback (movie, webpage, etc), I just don’t laugh a lot. If I’m at a comedy show, or talking with people, yeah, I’ll laugh.  … Continue reading

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The umbrella dilemma

Anyone else experience the umbrella dilemma? You go to work in the morning and it’s raining, so you bring an umbrella. Then at the end of the day, you forget to bring it back home? Of course, you had an … Continue reading

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Short Circuit

About a month ago I pondered: It’s 2013. Why can’t I meet Johnny 5 anywhere? A waiter, bell boy, snowblower…. — Bryan Logan (@BryanMarkLogan) June 21, 2013 Johnny 5 is the robot from the movie Short Circuit.

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Why I don’t take free foil from the bus

For those of you who follow me on Twitter (@BryanMarkLogan), you know there has been a box (tube? carton? roll? What’s the unit of foil?) of aluminum foil on my bus. I tweeted about it the first day.  No takers. … Continue reading

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Jingle Bells

I think the lyrics to Jingle Bells might not be entirely true. Let’s look at the evidence. Dashing through the snow (OK, just setting up the scene for us) In a one horse open sleigh (OK. They haven’t told us … Continue reading

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Stuff the ballot box

Hey! It’s online voting. There’s no prizes (except for pride and bragging rights).  There’s also no eligibility requirements.  Not 18? Not a citizen? Not a problem!  Take a look at Ricky’s team. Admire their great qualities. Laugh at their blogs. … Continue reading

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Family Tech Support in the Future

I’m sure to some degree, everyone has done tech support for their family.  Maybe it’s simple stuff like reminding them which button to use to click on things.  Maybe it’s more complex stuff like setting up their e-mail. But then … Continue reading

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Questions that don’t make sense for homeschoolers

So we haven’t been homeschooling as long as some people, but it’s already obvious there’s some questions that the girls get asked that just don’t make sense in our scenario. So here they are: What grade are you in?– Since … Continue reading

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What if babies could talk?

You always hear new parents say, “Oh, I wish babies could just talk.” So I was thinking about that. Even when you talk to a 2-year-old, they have logic that makes no sense whatsover. I can only imagine a baby’s … Continue reading

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