Making a room really dark

I have trouble sleeping when it’s light.  In the summer, I’ll wake up at 5:00 AM when the sun comes up.  We’ve tried many things to block out the light.  Special light blocking curtains, etc.  But none of them really worked well.  We also didn’t get the special shades that are “guaranteed” to work, since they cost a few hundred and we didn’t want to get burned again.  But we found something that worked.  Here’s our room with just the normal curtain.

Now it may not seem like a lot of light to some people, but it really bothers me in the morning (plus it was slightly overcast outside when I took this picture).  So what I did is take a curtain rod and put it on the inside of the window frame and hold the curtain into the frame.  Like so:

Make sure you’re not pulling the curtain too much so you don’t put tension on the actual rod by pulling down too much when you’re securing it.  And the end result is this:

It takes a little bit of time to get the right amount of tension on the inner rod.  It needs to be strong enough so that it doesn’t slide out of the window frame.

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