Date Nights

Some people are fancy and go out to dinner all dressed up. Bryan did put on a tie and take us to a fancy Italian restaurant for lunch on Valentine’s Day, but mostly we stay true to our roots (McDonald’s and a movie every once in a while–although we do usually eat better now when we go out together). So, while we enjoy going out on dates, Bryan and I are frugal. We can’t afford to have a sitter, go out to a nice dinner, and then go to the movies every week.  That’s more than our entertainment budget for the month!  We do those kind of dates every once in a while, but not every week.  So, we improvise and have date night at home. They are not creative, they are not particularly exciting, but we’ve been pretty happily married for more than a decade now, so maybe cheap and comfy overrule exciting and expensive for some of us 🙂 So here’s what I like to do with my honey baby when we can get the girls to bed early:

Frozen (or takeout) dinner and a Redbox- This is our go-to date night. It’s fun, it’s cheaper than a regular date, and we get to snuggle on the couch in front of the fireplace.

Wii Game Night- We have a few games like Rubik’s World, Wii Party, Mario Party, and Wii Play which I am not an utter failure at. It’s fun to sit and play together even when I lose, which, if the game is not somewhat random, I will.

Regular Game Night- We don’t do this as often, but sometimes we like to play Sequence, Scrabble, Phase 10 (with adjusted rules, ask Bryan), and something called Coda. I refuse to play Blokus because that gets too aggressive and makes me feel less than romantic 🙂

Business Meetings- Yeah, it’s not the most fun thing in the world to talk about summer calendars and financial goals, but it’s gotta happen sometime, it might as well be over takeout with some Kenny G playing (I’m kidding about the Kenny G, we’re more likely to listen to Relient K, another fun date night 🙂 ) .

My final recommendation for date night at home success? Get rid of the TV. Since we’ve done that, we’ve had to be more creative with our down time, and we spend A LOT more time talking and enjoying each other’s company. Hope you all had a Happy Valentine’s Day!


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