A Dilemna/Dilemma 2 Posts in 1

The Original Post:

Allergies are HERE! Run for your life!

Except you can’t because they are outside and when someone goes outside they bring them in.

The weather here has been gorgeous, beautiful, and perfect, begging us really to go outside, which makes us feel stuffy, headachy, and awful.

I can’t keep them in, I’d feel cruel and unusual. But when they come back in, not only do I start reacting, but they start feeling icky as well.

This feels like a lose-lose situation.

For now, they take Allegra, and, today, I sent them to the shower and to change because neither I nor they could stand them. I don’t know what a good long-term solution would be. Move to Arizona or Antarctica, maybe?

In typing this post, I found an error. I typed outside as outsdie. That kind of explains the melodramatic way that allergies make me feel 🙂

Post #2:

In checking whether dilemma had two L’s or 1, I learned a shocking fact. I was always taught to spell dilemma “d-i-l-e-m-N-a”, however, it has never been spelled that way in ANY dictionary that I can find. Who messed this up, and how did we not know? Good thing I know now so that I can school my children properly? Did any of you learn this incorrectly as well?

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