Generous girls

I’ve been noticing the girls have been very generous in the last few weeks.  Here’s a few examples that stick in my mind:

When we were coming back from Grand Forks a few weeks ago, we stopped for a special Sunday dinner.  What was it?  Anything the girls wanted at the gas station.  We had a big lunch and Sunday dinner is normally popcorn & fruit and a movie.  We got a big bag of popcorn, Sound of Music in the portable DVD player, and we decided that instead of fruit, which would be too messy for the car, we’d let the girls pick out a candy treat.  I choose Pretzel M&M’s, Amie choose a Heath Bar, Emma choose Twizzlers, and Hannah choose Dots.  We were leaving and Hannah asked what I had, I told her Pretzel M&M’s.  We had them a while ago, but she couldn’t remember what they were like.  So I just gave her one of mine to let her try.  And I gave Emma one also because otherwise it wouldn’t be fair.  Amie also shared her Heath Bar because neither girl knew what that was.  Then in a little bit, we heard “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!”.  Hannah had Dots she wanted to give us (and she knows not to call on Daddy because I’m driving) and also shared with Emma.  Emma had shared her Twizzlers with everyone.

This weekend, Emma had done some stitching and made Hannah this craft and hung it on her doorknob.

Hannah was thankful for this, and wanted to do the same things for Emma.  Although it was a little bit different:


Even though you can hardly compare the two, both girls are really appreciative of their gifts.  During our Easter egg hunt, we didn’t find one egg.  Luckily, it contained just a nice polished rock that Amie thought the girls would enjoy.  So we didn’t have an even number.  Emma immediately offered to let Hannah have the extra.

Those are just a few examples of how the girls are showing kindness.

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